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The Very First Day

The story of Aliestre Vineyards began with a journey. Carsten Kullik, a wine lover from Berlin, travelled to the Alentejo region in Portugal. In the small village of Estremoz, he experienced outstanding hospitality, incredibly heartwarming people and above all, a lovely light turning the scenery into golden shades. He then met the famous winemaker Luis Louro and they became friends. Both had the same impression: “We are in the right moment at the right place.”

One aperitivo later, they had an enlightenment: To compose a wine as liquid extraction of the sacred Estremoz’ spirit.


The story of Aliestre Vineyards



Wines raised in a Garden of Marble

Aliestre is born, a new wine venture from friends. The different Aliestre wines come from a former forgotten vineyard. Now it has been recultivated and reanimated. Ready to grow grapes in a worldwide unique terroir, which is coined by the inimitable marble geology around Estremoz. This white marble is said to be one of the best of the world, if not the best. Its gracefulness has embellished the Louvre or the Titanic. Besides its beauty, it adds an outstandingly fine minerality to the Aliestre wines.

Our Wines

Our premier wine titled THE VERY FIRST DAY is a noble blend of autochthonous grapes and one generalist: Alicante Bouschet, Touriga Nacional and Cabernet Sauvignon have been beautifully interwoven after countless tastings. The wine welcomes you with a stunning bouquet of dark berries, herbs and spices. The mouthfeel is characterized by mild tannins and a cool, fresh marble minerality leading to an elegant finish.

Wine Bottle - ALIESTRE - The Very First Day

The Very First Day
in Estremoz
Limited Edition
of 4.500 Bottles

Aliestre Bottle
Luis Louro

Luis Louro
ALIESTRE Winemaker

Our Wines

ONE – RED is composed of the typical Alentejo grape variety Alicante Bouschet, Aragonez and Trincadeira.
The wine represents the regional spirit, yet complemented by a fresh mineral marble note. It shows a brilliant garnet color and an intense yet well-balanced character with elegant, velvety tannins and charming notes of red fruit in the nose.

Wine Bottle - ALIESTRE - The One

The One

Wine Bottle - ALIESTRE - The One White

Our Wines

Yes, there are fresh white wines from Portugal! Try this one: Aliestre White 2022. A well-balanced drop made of Antão Vaz and Arinto, two autochtonic grapes fermented in stainless steel. The result: Beautiful and cool. With a bright color and an appealing perfume of citrus fruit. Balanced in the mouth with a good, well-integrated acidity that gives it freshness. Or to put in a bit more poetically: White marble in a liquid state.

The One White

Our Wines

Say “Olá” to ONE Touriga Nacional! This vinho tinto purely made of Portugal’s most famous grape makes a grand entrance. Fermented in stainless steel and aged in oak barrels, it salutes you with an intense dark color and slight violet reflection. Then the scent: Blueberry, plum and violet with hints of exciting spices. On the palate it shows up full-bodied and voluminous before leading into a looong finish.

Wine Bottle - ALIESTRE - The One Touriga Nacional

The One Touriga Nacional

Wine Bottle - ALIESTRE - Dancing Grapes

Our Wines

Need a lively summer companion? This beautiful, light pink colored Rosé lives up to its name. With its perfectly blended grapes Touriga National and Aragonez, this fresh-fruity cuvée reminds of two elegantly intertwined dancers in your glass. As such, the character is lighthearted and vivid, thanks to vineyards of relatively high altitude. So, pour yourself a glass of Dancing Grapes and experience the summer in its most delicious way.

Dancing Grapes

Our Terroir

Our Wines:
Messengers of Elegance

The Aliestre terroir is characterized by the marble soil and the moderate Mediterranean climate around the hills of Estremoz. It shapes precise, fruity wines with a fine earthy deepness, combined with a surprisingly fresh elegance.

Our Winemakers

A Cuvée of
genius Oenologists

The excellence of Aliestre wines is owed to the hands and heads of a symbiotic team of winemakers: Inês Capão and Luis Louro.

Both are internationally known, award-winning master oenologists from the Alentejo region. What they have in common is not only an uncompromising quality approach but also the gifted ability for precise blending. 

Luis Louro
Inês Capão


Wines from Friends

Nothing connects you better than a good glass of wine. Agreed?

The Aliestre philosophy is a story for and from friends with a passion for wine and the city of Estremoz. Not only initiated by the winemaker duo Inês Capão and Luis Louro, but also five childhood friends from Berlin who were excited about this project, Estremoz and immediately joined Aliestre.

Therefore, friendship is a genuine part of the Aliestre soul. Friendship between people but also between Estremoz and those places of the world where wine is celebrated with passion too.